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'From traditional SLA to Experience level agreement?' 

Latest developments and research

In the last few years the project has been picked up by companies, students and researchers and has been used to create new content. (Working on  the topic is highly stimulated, however we do like to ask you to reference appropriately and allow others to join in the discussions.


In case you are working on this topic or want to discuss the results of the ELA research, feel free to reach out.  We 

International research project

The project that started in 2007 as a graduation projects at a bachelor degree, and ended up winning multiple international awards...



Marcel Broumels, founder of the Experience Level Agreement project is currently working as managing director of Collective Creation, an organisation that helps companies with their questions around innovation & collaborative experience design in complex business settings.

For more information check out his website: or reach out to him via his linkedin profile.

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